Sunday, December 04, 2011

Reviving the mojo

I hope I'm not the only one who discusses things with themselves. These discussions usually end with me giving myself a reason not to do something, but I had a very productive one recently.

When I found out that a conversion chassis for the N gauge Peco Collett Goods was being developed, I thought what a great new project that would be. But then I reminded myself that I ought to finish that old project before starting a new one. And to be fair, I had to admit that I had a point. Particularly as I'd charted my progress so publicly. So we agreed that I could build a new loco once my 08 looked more like a shunter and less like a pile of bits in a box.

And I'm glad to report that putting those bits together wasn't too hard after all, and for the sake of completeness I'm posting some brief notes on the final stages.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry people do read even if they don't always comment. Try a blog on RMWeb and you'll get a lot more obvious interest!

Gram said...

Thanks, it's very true. Ah well, another lesson learnt.