Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wheel balance weights

etch with 6 weights (larger weights for the central wheels)

Once removed from the etch these proved to be a test of patience. They're the size of a small fingernail clipping and have to be gripped tightly while the brass sprue is filed away (I use my small parallel clamp for tricky cases).

I fixed them with epoxy, and cleaned the excess off with fine wet-and-dry paper.

They look good, but I know I've got it wrong - the small weights are correct but I'm pretty sure the ends of the larger weights should lie mid-way between spokes not on the spokes as I've positioned them. I can't take them off without risking damage to the spokes so I'm stuck with them :-(

Worse things happen, but I'm disappointed - I think this is my first mistake that I haven't been able to correct.

** 28 March 2007 **

I hadn’t thought of trying to dissolve the glue but after seeing Nigel’s comment I checked on the 2mm Association Yahoo Group for suggestions. There were some posts suggesting using acetone for this.

Didn’t have any acetone handy, but thought I could try Plastic Weld (dichloromethane) which works by dissolving styrene.

This did make the glue soft enough to be scratched away with a pin-head, so I’ve now replaced the large weights in the correct position.

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Anonymous said...

There are solvents for araldite (to remove the balance weight you are unhappy about). Can't remember if its meths or acetone. VAG would know for sure.