Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thinking about painting

I’m now reaching the point when I need to start putting the various parts together. But some parts would be better painted first, which is giving me a headache at the moment.

Of all my modelling skills, such as they are, painting is probably the weakest. I don’t want to spoil my lovely model with poor paintwork, but looking at the “wasp stripes” on the loco ends is quite dispiriting - I know I couldn’t do that justice with my current level of skill.

Photo: Paul Appleby in Rail Photo Archive

There are also large flat areas on the sides and having just practiced with my best paintbrush, some enamel paint and an old piece of brass, I’m not sure I can even do a flat surface free of brush marks.

I’m considering three options:

1) Finish as much of the work as possible while I wait for inspiration (current plan)

2) Pay someone to do a proper job (sounds good, but might be complicated)

3) Complete it unpainted, with key parts removable for painting at a later date

I’m completely undecided over this at present, but there is some good news. Almost everything below the footplate is shades of dirty black, and my chassis, even after ten weeks of manhandling still has some of the original blackened areas. Once the wheels are on I wouldn’t expect this area to get that sort of treatment so I’m going to blacken the chassis again then put the wheels and coupling rods on. This way I can put off any decision for another few weeks.

Meanwhile I need to practice my brushwork, experiment with masking tape, and develop an idea for a stripe-painting jig.

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