Monday, March 19, 2007

Some chassis adjustments

There's a few things I need to tidy up.

When I fitted the rear spacer on the chassis I made it quite short. Now I'm thinking it may be useful to have it a bit longer, to give support to any coupling I may want to fit.

Extra spacer glued on

I haven't decided on a coupling system as such, but I will certainly want a coupling hook which I'll be able to secure on the inside with this extra spacer.

One thing that's been bothering me, is that the muff on one of my stub axles is short and moves from one side to the other when the gears change direction. It doesn't appear to affect anything, it's just annoying. I've been looking for some suitable washers for a while, but eventually find something in my "might be useful someday" box.

I think these nuts came with the Peco N-gauge wagon kits. Inside diameter is pretty near perfect for my axle steel, I just need to file one to rather less that half its width.

Works well. I could do some even thinner ones for the other muffs, but with a big model railway exhibition coming up I'll see if I can get anything there first.

Now to blacken the chassis sides (again).

I think only the lower part will be visible to any extent. I just slapped some more blackening liquid on the existing surface, taking care to avoid the spur axles. I think it's produced an interesting effect - messy black in a slightly uneven way.

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