Thursday, April 19, 2007

The bonnet sides

left bonnet doors

I’m tempted by the look of the riveted bonnet doors (left), but for my choice of prototype I need the pressed steel doors with cut-out for the air compressor unit (below right).

right bonnet doors

Four options here. I need the pressed steel doors with cut-out for the vacuum exhauster (below right).

There are lots of handles on the bonnet sides.

bonnet handles etch

There’s a template for drilling the holes to locate the handles accurately.

I had to file the lower left-hand edge to allow it to lie with the four square holes matching the grille marks on the body. Securing it with crocodile clips I can drill 0.3mm holes through the body.

My new “archimedean” drill broke the first bit straight away. Obviously a skill I need to learn. Had more success with the bit held in a pin vice, twisting quickly and pressing gently, but one lapse of concentration and another bit snapped. Glad the good people at “Eileen’s Emporium” had advised me to buy their less-expensive bits.

holes drilled

There are 2 options for the bonnet side grille. I need the one with the thin wires inside.

And a cover at the base.

There's a cover on top of the left-hand fuel tank. I'll need the flat one.

The fuel tank cover and bonnet sides are fixed with epoxy. The side grille will need to be removed for painting. I've added one handle for effect - I’ll fit the others later to avoid damage.

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Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Even cheaper drill bits, particularly for plastics/resin;

Make D-bits from steel rod/wire of appropriate size. Or ends of pins.

Select wire of appropriate diameter (there are tricks to reduce diameters). File the end square. File a flat near the end to form a D profile. Touch the end and the D with a sharpening stone. Result is one drill bit. Takes longer to describe than to make once you get the hang of the trick.

To cut metal, the drill usually needs to be hardened.

I think Henk wrote a longer version up some time ago.

- Nigel