Monday, January 15, 2007

Fitting the motor

First test fitting of the motor and mount.

Turning the worm with a pair of tweezers, at first I think it's not working, then realise the worm wheel is moving really slowly.

The precise angle of the motor doesn't seem to affect the running. I want the worm wheel to make contact with the middle of the worm, so I glue the shaft on (Araldite) leaving it about a millimetre short of the motor. This also means I can be sure no glue gets into the motor.

Next solder the mount to the chassis. Takes me quite some time to get it flat against the chassis side, and once done I find it tilts the motor slightly upwards.

I know there's little clearance under the resin body, so I decide to do it again, this time using crocodile clips to clamp everything in place.

Now it's horizontal.

The resin body is a tight fit over the motor. I've made sure the motor is central over the chassis, but I still need to file a little off the end of the motor shaft before the body will fit over it.

And finally, testing with power to the motor terminals - it runs smoothly and slowly in both directions. Feel my efforts have been rewarded.

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