Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Building the motor mount

The kit is designed for 2 different motors. I've got the Maxon (similar to Faulhaber) coreless motor as it was offered with the kit.

motor mount etches

In years past I enjoyed taking my N gauge locos apart and watching the motor with the wires on the core spinning around between the magnets. As I understand it, a coreless motor has a magnet in the centre and a coil of wire spins around it. I'd like to open it up and have a look, but at £30 a time I can't really afford it. The ones I've seen in action appear to be beautiful slow runners - perfect for a shunter.

The bearings support the motor at one end and the shaft at the other.

Although I’ve soldered the low side with the tabs in the slots, it obstructs the hole. A little work with a semi-circular file and I'm ready to solder the bearings.

First attempt - the motor bearing isn't flat against the mount, and the joint has started to come apart.

I fold the end down, file away some of the side, correct the soldering and fold back up.

This looks better. I've probably weakened the structure by filing the end, but it should be easier to align the motor and shaft on the chassis.

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Anonymous said...

There's a simpler solution to this issue. Just bend the part slighty to one side so it clears the bearing. Looks ugly but is stronger than filing it back

Chris Higgs