Monday, December 04, 2006

Preparing the wheels and gears

Need to check the gears and wheels before they’re in place.

Under a magnifying glass it’s easy to see the small imperfections on the face of the rim and between the axles.

wheel after filing
Well, I stroked a fine (no 4) file gently acrtoss the face of the wheel to rub down the small “blobs”, and cleaned between the spokes with a small cutting broach. It looked good under the magnifying glass, but the enlarged photo shows how rough it's left the wheel rim.

wheel after sanding
Rubbing with wet and dry paper (I had some P500 handy) restores the finish.

Digital close-up photographs can be cruel - now I have to rub down the other wheels and photograph them till they all look smooth.

gear wheel
The gear wheels looked pretty good. No imperfections that I could see, and nothing trapped between the teeth.

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