Saturday, November 18, 2006

The frame jig

Time to make a start. I’ve read throught the instructions, and it looks like there may be some challenging times ahead, but the first bit looks easy enough.

unfolded fret
A simple fold-up job.

jig folded and soldered
Went together very crisply. But before soldering I checked that the chassis frames would fit. One of the slits had to be opened out slightly with a scalpel.

jig with chassis frames and rod
This jig will keep the 2 chassis frames in their correct position while they’re joined together.

chassis in jig held by rods
This loco will have a "split-frame", ie the chassis is made of metal, but the two sides are electrically isolated. So this jig will keep them aligned while they're connected with non-conductive material. I’ve never made a loco, but I can imagine that without a jig, this would be a real headache.

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